An extensive range of quality pet food made in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a wide array of Australian and European accessories, including dog and cat collars, harnesses and leads, toys and beds.

Rabbit, guinea pig, bird and poultry foods are also available.

Health care products include vitamin and homeopathic supplements, parasite control, shampoos, and grooming products.

Our Range Includes:
• Air Dried Food & Treats for Dogs & Cats
• Premium Dry Dog & Cat Food
• Quality Canned Dog & Cat Food

Pet accessories, including:
• Beds, Blankets, Igloos and Sleeping Cocoons
• Cat Scratching Accessories
• Crystal, Recycled Paper and Wood Pellet Cat Litter
• Dental Hygiene Products for Dogs & Cats
• Dog Car Restraints
• Dog Coats, Vests & Jumpers

• Dog Flotation Vests
• European Dog & Cat Accessories
• Feeding Bowls
• Kennels (Made to Order)
• Litter Trays, Enclosed Litter Boxes & Accessories
• Microfibre Towels, Mats & Runners
• Organic Shampoo / Skin Care Range
• Parasite Treatments
• Puppy Training Pads
• Toys for Dogs & Cats

Quality Pet Supplies

Dog Washing | Hydrobath

Dog Walking Services