What are the benefits of a Hydrobath?

The hydrobath is a spa bath with health benefits. Not only does it relax and pamper your pet with it’s massaging effect, it can also provide health benefits and promote the well-being of your dog.

It has adjustable temperature and water pressure, meaning every dog’s individual needs will be catered for. For instance, on puppy inductions water pressure can be lowered while your little ones get used to the grooming experience. Controlling the temperature is useful for dogs with any skin conditions because the temperature can be lowered to avoid aggravation of the condition. It can be beneficial for older dogs’ conditions such as arthritis by helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. It has a removable door front for easy access for large dogs.

The shampoos I use with the Hydrobath are natural and kind to the skin, whilst still smelling divine!

Each dog has a shampoo selected to suit their coat/skin type. This is then added to the wash tank which feeds the shower. This means no stopping and starting to add shampoo to the coat, as shampoo and water all comes through the shower head together. Dogs who dislike the bathing process can therefore be bathed quickly causing less stress. It allows for a deep clean too as the shower penetrates the fur very effectively leaving your dog squeaky clean. Dogs who enjoy the bathing process, will love the warm massaging effect of the spa bath.